We are an online market for local Maritime handmade makers. Operated by makers just like you.

We’re the place where online and in-person markets meet! All vendors are 100% local Maritimers selling handmade products they produce themselves.

Not accepted: direct selling, MLM business models, or licensed products

We are currently accepting applications for the Nova Scotian Makers Online Market.
The cost to you the vendor to join is free. 25% commission on all sales. + Credit Card Processing fees. You will be paid out instantly on the completion of a sale. (75% of total sale + 100% of shipping)

Vendors will each have their own section of the site where you are responsible to upload and manage all products and orders. Setup is simple and no computer knowledge is required. You will set your own product price and shipping costs.

Upon acceptance into the market you will receive further details, terms and conditions. This will include information on setting up your store.

We are currently giving priority to applicants who have established businesses in the craft industry, and/or are part of a Craft/Art Association, and/or rely on their business for their primary income.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Peter and Sarah Eastwood