Hand-crafted silver jewellery that is elegant and flowing. Fold-forming fine silver generates organic lines, or interesting surface textures in simple geometric shapes. Sterling silver chain creates flexible, draping lines. For your adornment. For a lifetime.

‘Gingko’ earrings


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Fold-formed fine (99.9%) silver earrings.

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Elegance of line and shape, ‘Gingko’ earrings are designed to compliment the ‘Gingko’ pendant, but of course are beautiful on their own. Made of fine (99.9%) silver, fold-formed and shaped by hammer work. The hammer marks are retained as surface texture.

Dimensions (approximate): 35 x 23 x 12 mm

Ear wires are hand-formed sterling silver (92.5%) wire (0.8mm diameter).

The degree of twist in the backbone and the amount of curvature of the ‘wings’ are modifiable within limits. Contact me to discuss modifications.


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Good quality

Posted onOctober 27, 2021 by Maoyuxin

Delivered on time and good condition. The earrings are so beautiful and graceful.

I make silver jewellery pieces, one at a time, by hand.

FIne silver jewellery begins with an ingot of 99.9% silver. I anneal and roll the ingot out to about 0.6mm thick and cut out appropriate sized sheets. The sheet is then folded, the half-shape cut out and worked with a hammer against a steel block to create a gently curved shape that opens out to an elegant 3-D form. Final shaping of the piece is done with mallets over a wood form. Off-cut pieces are collected, melted down and a new ingot poured to start the process over again.

Chain mail jewellery is made with sterling silver (92.5%) rings. Each ring is opened and closed with pliers. Interlacing the rings before closure generates the pattern. After the chain is complete, it is subjected to repeated flame treatment and chemical dip to remove the copper from the surface layer of sterling. This gives a very bright pure silver appearance and retards tarnish.