Hibiscus in Decline 1


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We were gifted an hibiscus tree a number of years ago. It gave us one, sometimes two beautiful blossoms for several years.
On a whim I put it outside on the deck for the summer. I think it liked the fresh air and produced eight or so flowers. It has continued to delight us with multiple blossoms every year since. Already this year we’ve had four and it’s only April.
An hibiscus blossum is marvelous to behold for the few days it survives: large, delicate, delightful.
This one was two days past its glory and I was struck by it’s beauty even as it faded.
This image wasn’t created with a camera but rather was scanned. This is what provides both the soft light and the incredible detail. I call the process a photogram.

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16 x 20 museum quality giclee print. Limited edition.


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